Paybacks of playing the online poker game in online casinos

Online poker is a modernized version of the traditional poker card game that involved gambling using strategy and skill. Poker game involves a combination of cards in certain permutations and combinations that work against with points / chips / money making betting higher on better card combinations thereby increasing the chance of winning all the chips / money from the fellow players upon winning the game. The poker chips correspond to money denominations that final winning or losing amount is based on the money earned or lost. Poker chips are color coded as per the denomination that they adhere to upon the start and end of the game giving clarity on the money invested and returned.

Domino online involves betting and gambling over the internet rather than brick and mortar casinos making it more easy and approachable for people to play. Online poker venues are also easier on maintenance cost with low stakes and higher returns. But also online venues supporting online poker betting are vulnerable to fraud and issues with payments real-time also.


Payback is the amount that a player gets back upon the end of his Domino online game. This could be an approximate expected payback vs. a real time payback that a poker player gets. The expected payback is an approximate percentage that’s calculated based on standard conditions of wins and losses over several games. It is expressed in a percentage on the money put in as cash investment and is known as RTP – return to player figure. For example – If a poker player and put in Rp. 10000 for a game that has 90% payback it means it would get Rp. 9000 back and the remaining Rp. 1000 would go as loss or to the online casino. But for instance if in his first game he has invested Rp. 10000 and won Rp. 1500 that means in that particular game his RTP is 150% instead of 90% averaged out. He may reach the RTP of 90% over several games played. In case of online casinos the invested amount and payback amount are all dealt with in real-time with third party online payment system like Paypal, Instadebit, Paysafe and their likes. The authentication of these payment systems should be verified and only then can they be used for incoming or outgoing transactions.


Online casinos are the trend of today’s market and have touched a figure of $100 billion industry by 2017. The famous slot machines, card games like 21/blackjack and spinning wheel games are all available at the online casinos offering a splendid experience to the poker game playeRp. Online poker games that deal with card variants could use strategy and skill but in a virtual experience it could also be based on luck and calculations. On the contrary slot machines and spinning wheels are purely based on luck and their quoted payback of RTP percentage. A player can play safe with higher RTP quoted reaping back better profits than the money invested in.

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